Part of the Avnon Group, Comparts Ltd. was established in 2005, with a mission to become a leading expert in the development and manufacture of components from composite materials. In the early years, Comparts operated as a subcontractor, primarily for the Israeli UAS/UAV manufacturers.

In line with this increased demand, we have broadened our offerings and manufacturing capabilities. From build to print (BTP), the development of composite material structures to design and build to specification.



With over 60 years of collective industry experience in management, engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance, we offer our customers customised turnkey solutions from concept to delivery, built to meet their specific operational requirements. Highly trained, our engineers meet the highest industry standards (IAI & ESL OJT certificated). We provide CAD/CAM capabilities, analysis and test reports, design and manufacturing of tools, prototypes and serial production.



Although Comparts’ production primarily focuses on the UAV/UAS market, we have diverged into other sectors; components for space, automotive, medical devices, antennas and Radomes in addition to a wide range of civilian applications.


Our experienced management team are committed to providing our clients with high-grade quality products. Our employees are what makes Comparts. As an integral part of our success, we pride ourselves on working to the highest safety standards to ensure the well-being of our employees.


We continue to improve our facilities and methodologies, enabling us to deliver innovative technologies and techniques while maintaining the highest levels of strength and precision. Our R&D department continually develops and improves our methods to identify any potential weakness and manufacture the optimal solution.

Our Team

Mickey Furman | CEO

Has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace & Composite materials industry, holding a degree in business administration, Mickey held several positions in the private & public sectors and has been leading comparts since 2016.

Oranit Domb | QA Manager

Joined Comparts in 2012 , With education in the field of CQE quality engineering and quality assurance, Oranit has gained significant experience in the composite materials and defence industries leading comparts to accreditation to the AS9100 standard.

Vladislav Khokhlov | Engineering Manager

Mechanical engineering studies Graduate, specializing in automotive engineering and solid mechanics.
Previously a constructor in a composite materials factory, Slava gained extensive experience in designing and manufacturing composite systems and platform.

Orit Hai | Procurement & Logistic Manager

Since Joining Comparts in 2016, Orit held several logistic and operational positions. Currently runs the company’s procurement and logistic operations and is responsible along with the company’s warehouses.

Jonathan Epstein | Production Planning and Control manager

Jonathan  holds a B.A. in Industrial Engineering and Management and an M.A. in Supply Chain Management.  Has extensive experience in manufacturing design & control and optimization of operational production processes.

Yaniv Sandrusi | Production Manager

Yaniv has been a part of comparts since our first years, Has decades of experience in the world of composite materials in a wide range of manufacturing technologies.

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