Our experienced and professional Engineering and R&D Departments provide rapid professional specification and planning services. Each customer is unique, using a wide range of materials – from standard materials to uniquely developed, customised materials we deliver a tailored solution that accommodates the specific needs of each customer.


Our R&D team work closely with the customer on the design and development of the product.  An integral part of their role is to identify weaknesses and provide an enhanced solution. We continue to improve our facilities and methodologies, enabling us to deliver innovative technologies and techniques while maintaining the highest levels of strength and precision. Our R&D department continually develops and improves our methods to identify any potential weakness and manufacture the optimal solution.


Backed by quality assurance, We set up the manufacturing processes step-by step in order to ensure the production of high quality products  


Working together with our production engineers, we design and manufacture the required tools and moulds for production, while taking production time and cost effectiveness into account.


ISO9001 /AS9100:D certified, Comparts consistently meets the standards of leading manufacturing procedures certification boards and international companies such as Israel Aerospace Industries, Boeing, and others. 

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